Gas Safety Week


As we begin to turn on our heating systems again ready for the cold months ahead, now is the time to make sure gas appliances are in full working order.  Not only will you guarantee your home stays warm all winter, but also avoid the dangers caused by poorly maintained gas appliances such as fires, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be undetectable.

Now in its 7th year Gas Safety Week, which is co-ordinated by Gas Safe Register, sees organisations across the UK come together to help raise awareness of the importance of gas safety and highlight the dangers associated with unmaintained gas appliances.

One of the aims of Gas Safety Week is to remind us to get gas appliances, including our gas boiler, gas cooker and gas fire, checked annually by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Capsel has done its bit to promote the week spreading the importance of gas safety on social media along with promoting Capsel boiler cover and servicing.

Capsel, which is gas safe registered, offers a range of services to help you ensure your home or the home of your tenants is protected. Make sure your boiler is safe with a one-off boiler service for £55 or sign up to our boiler cover package for just £15 a month. If you are a landlord, Capsel can provide you with a safety certificate for £55.

Gas and Heating Manager Mark said, “Raising awareness is key when it comes to gas safety and Capsel are proud to help support Gas Safety Week.”

“Regular servicing and safety checks of all your gas appliances are vital to ensure everything is running safely in your home.”

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