5 reasons why it’s still the perfect time to reserve one of our stunning homes.


Have your plans to reserve a new home been put on hold by COVID-19? Well we’re here to tell you that they don’t have to be.

1. It’s still business as usual for Capsel
All of our new homes staff are currently working from home so we are still able to take any calls or answer any questions you may have regarding our new homes. We have already received a lot interest in our Alders development in Dingestow and our Maple Gardens development in Abergavenny.

2. It’s still business as usual for most law firms
Similarly to us, a lot of law firms and mortgage advisors are working from home and are taking special measures to ensure that everything is still carried out lawfully. You are still able to sign and complete documents electronically and lawyers are accepting videos to see buyers sign paperwork.

3. It’s still business as usual for a lot of money lenders
You’re probably getting tired of reading the words ‘business as usual’ by now but there’s no better way to put it. Money lenders are using innovative ways to carry out their work with some accepting desktop valuations to work around you, the buyer. Our sales team will be happy to put you in touch with a financial advisor.

4. The average conveyancing time is 10-12 weeks!
On average, conveyancing takes just under 3 months, which means that now is still the prime time to make some headway with the purchase of your new dream home. It also means that you might be able to sneak ahead of your buying competition and secure your preferred home.

5. Contractors are still hard at work with our new homes developments
Contractors are still working hard to ensure that much needed, new homes are still being built. They are still adhering to government guidelines and the safety of their staff still remains at the top of their priorities.

Hopefully this article has put your mind at ease about buying one of our stunning new homes. Although if you still have some reservations about making a reservation, you’re welcome to contact one of the Capsel team who will be happy to help.